Learn how Aspen University is responding to COVID-19.

Why It’s Still The Best Time For Nursing School

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to highlight the importance of educating and growing the nursing workforce. Here are seven reasons why it is still the best time for nursing school. Nursing is the #1 most trusted profession in America, and that won’t change any time soon.? For the past 18 years, nurses have been the most … Keep Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Clay W. Found Satisfaction Through Education

Please enjoy this personal essay from Clay Williams. After learning he was about to become a father, Clay worked hard to earn his degree and achieve his career goals. Clay earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and is currently earning his MBA at Aspen University.?? My journey began after graduating high school, and … Keep Reading

How Aspen Took the BSN Pre-Licensure Program Online During COVID-19

Not so long ago, attending a nursing program meant losing control over your schedule to participate in a brick-and-mortar program. Fortunately, a rise in technology and the availability of accredited online nursing school programs have made it possible for busy parents and professionals to advance their careers by fitting online education into the times that … Keep Reading

The 50/10 Rule: Make Your Study Break Count

Study fatigue — mental tiredness leading to lower focus levels — can be tough to manage! You can keep yourself on track, using the 50/10 Rule. What is the 50/10 Rule? For every 50 minutes spent focusing on studying or working, allow yourself a 10-minute break. Building in a 10-minute break into every hour will … Keep Reading

This Working Mom Went Back to School

The Realization Hits It was just another Tuesday. I was sitting at the dining room table looking for jobs when the thought crystallized. I was 34 years old, with some college credits under my belt. I was looking for jobs, but I was having trouble finding something that would give me the security and upward … Keep Reading

Back to School in 2021? Tips for Sticking to your Goal

It’s the new year, a time to reflect on the past year and dream up new goals for 2021! Most students at Aspen juggle work, school, personal, and family obligations. Try these tips for making a resolution and sticking to it. Set Realistic Goals. Only 8% of the population sticks to their New Year’s resolution. … Keep Reading